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Naught Nights
Couples gifts, romance gifts, wedding,
anniversary, and from him to her!  This line
of gifts is sure to tempt the heart and
remind someone of the special gift that love

This is a true treat for celebrating nuptials
or for commemorating the anniversary of
such a special day. This gift is great for one
year, two year, ten, or fiftieth anniversary
as it is a timeless classic.
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GBA8161212 Naughty Nights Couples Romantic Gift
Shipping $139.98
Romance is in the air…….along with some seductive secrets in this Naughty Nights Couples Romantic Gift Basket. Only for the daring this exclusive and exciting gift basket is sure to light your night on fire with an array of tempting ways to tantalize and entertain your Valentine this year. Try it, you may like it......................

  • Vanilla musk massage oil
  • 4 assorted 1 oz. chocolate body paints
  • Pheromone aromatherapy candle
  • Sensual pillow and sheet spray with Pheromones
  • Feather Tickler
  • 52 Weeks of Romance game for couples
  • Satin eye mask to use during your games
  • Paradise, a daring game of foreplay where the dice make the decisions on what comes next
  • Spicy chocolate bar
  • Cream center Cocoa Belgian truffles to tempt
  • chocolate truffle cookies
  • Edible body tattoos
  • 3 votive tea lite candles
  • Love Affair All Night Long game which includes 72 cards and dice for couples to play their way around the room
  • Aphrodisiacs: A book of recipes and creative uses for getting the mood set, wooden massager
  • black satin bag with 100 silk rose petals, (The bag can also hold your dice and other toys after the night is over)
  • Enclosed by a fire red gloss basket and topped with a jungle print ribbon this daring gift is sure to light the night on fire.
  • Gift weighs 9.8 pounds and measures 15' long, by 9"wide and 16" tall
  • Romance gifts and gift baskets for lovers and couples are great for celebrating the occasion of love.  Send the Happily ever after to