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GBA8161152 Sensations Game for Couples Gift
Shipping $54.98
How can a game awaken all five senses? Sensations puts everything together to ensure that the mood is set for soft caresses, quivers of sensual delight, communication, passion and humor! All of your senses will come alive. The goal of the game is to meet the challenges and accumulate as many favor coupons as possible. You will experience as many thrills playing Sensations as you will when redeeming your favors later. It entertains you while leading you through an entire range of emotions. Games are a fun and healthy way to change things up a bit in your sex life. Pulling one out from under the bed every now and again can turn a night of love-making into a special romantic event. Included are 2 tokens, 1 die, 1 hourglass, 1 blindfold, 2 spinners, 1 notepad and 2 pencils, 30 challenge cards, 30 favor cards, 1 stimulator (AA battery no included), 1 bottle of massage oil and 1 instruction booklet.

Couples gifts, romance gifts, wedding,
anniversary, and from him to her!  This line
of gifts is sure to tempt the heart and
remind someone of the special gift that love

This is a true treat for celebrating nuptials
or for commemorating the anniversary of
such a special day. This gift is great for one
year, two year, ten, or fiftieth anniversary
as it is a timeless classic.
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